7770 Invicta Lane

New Kent, VA 23124

(across from New Kent Elementary)


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Drop-in Care

Drop-in care is a form of childcare where you can pay for only the time that you need. This means that parents are free to design a childcare schedule that fits their needs. Most childcare providers ask that you pay for a full week of care, even on weeks that you may not need every day. Drop in care is available for as much or as little time as you need. Our staff will check your child in upon arrival. This starts the time clock for your family. When you come to pick up your child, we check them out and the cost is rounded to the nearest minute. You pay for only the time that you are there. We also offer evening and weekend hours, which are not traditionally offered by most childcare providers Reservations are recommended for drop-in care to ensure that we are staffed to maintain required child to staff ratios. Please note that reservations will be required during the holiday season and on days of special community events (Strawberry Hill races, etc.).

Full-time Care

Full-time care is a more traditional approach to childcare. This care is provided from 6:30am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. The great thing about Stay & Play is that if you get stuck and can’t get here to pick up your child by 6pm, we will simply convert them to an hourly rate. No more stress attacks every time you get stuck in a traffic jam on the way to pick up your child! Just give us a call and let us know if you would like us to feed them dinner at 6pm. Because it would be impractical for full-time care to be calculated at the hourly rate, our full-time rates are capped at 20 hours a week. This means that if you plan to use Stay & Play for more than 20 hours on a given week, you can ask for the full-time rate and we will charge you one time for the whole week. Any fees accrued from care after 6pm will be in addition to the full-time rate. Please note that this rate is valid for use Monday through Friday only. The full-time rate will need to be requested at the beginning of the week and cannot be applied retroactively.

Before and After School

Because we are so close to New Kent Elementary, Stay & Play is in the perfect location to provide before and after school care. Our staff will walk the children to school at 8:45am, and we will walk them back to the center after school at 3:35pm. Our morning schedule includes breakfast and free play time. After school, we will provide a snack and homework assistance. Stay & Play is proud to employ staff members with teaching degrees that will help the children with homework. Once the homework is done, we offer playtime, both inside and outside, weather permitting.


A weekly menu will be posted at the front desk for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Each a la carte meal is $3.50. Snacks are free! If you are part of the Before and After school program, breakfast is included in your plan.

Private Party Rentals

Our facility is closed on Sundays, but we offer the building for rent for private parties. Each party rental includes use of the building and playground for 2 hours, a staff member to help set up and clean up, and paper products, including plates, napkins and cups. Please ask our front desk staff member for more information and pricing!


Infant (6 weeks to 15 months): $8.95 an hour
Toddler (16 months to age 3): $7.95 an hour
Child (3 years to 12 years): $6.95 an hour
Additional child in same family: $3.95 an hour
Meals: $3.50 each (Weekly menu posted at front desk)
Before/After School care (includes breakfast): $75 weekly  
Please ask our staff about how our weekly rates work!